Stained Glass Windows

The creation of the St. Paul United Methodist Church stained glass windows is a story of a congregation taking on a daunting challenge and transforming it into a spiritual experience.

During the thirteen years required to complete the project, friendships grew, faith deepened and the bond between congregates and their church grew even closer as magnificent works were created to the glory of God.

To fully understand the magnitude of this accomplishment, one must first understand that the medium of stained glass is one of the most demanding forms of artistic expression.

Most of the fifty people who worked on the project had no former glass experience whatsoever – yet together, they achieved a level of craftsmanship that honors the highest level of this art.

A trusting congregation gave their support in both encouragement and dollars and were unwavering in their appreciation throughout the thirteen year labor of love.

The result goes far beyond beautiful windows of colored glass.

A new light shines into our place of worship. It is the light of inspiration, challenge, fellowship and the love of God. It is a light that unites us as a family and reminds us once again that all things are possible through Him.

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