Care Ministries

Care Report

When You Need Care
Life is not always easy.  In fact sometimes it can become virtually impossible.  During these hard times in life we need love and support from God, most importantly, but also from other people, become almost literally God’s presence to those in need.  This is the center of the care ministry at St. Paul UMC.  We have so many different ways that we try to care for the broken children of God.  St. Paul UMC has a deep and caring heart.  Everything we do, from small groups to individual visits, is designed to show how much God cares for God’s children.

Contact the pastor
Contact the pastor for a prayer request, a counseling appointment, scheduling a visit, or other care need.  You can contact the church office at 501-666-9429. Care for our older members is coordinated by Suzie Van Patten, Director of Visitation Ministries.  Her e-mail is

Confidential Prayer Team
The Confidential Prayer Team receives weekly updates to our prayer list and lifts up prayers to members, friends, family, and the world in need.  To add a prayer request, please call (501-666-9429) or e-mail the church office.

Congregational Care Team
Our Congregational Care Team members visit our nursing home residents and shut-ins on a regular schedule.  These are lay people in the church who have felt a call to help people in need.  Led by Suzie Van Patten, these lay members are trained for their ministry, and we have reporting structures in place.  Please let the the church office (501-666-9429) know if we should add anyone to the visitation list.  The Care Team also visits  members in the hospital.  Due to federal privacy laws, church leaders are not informed of our members’ hospitalizations, so please contact the church office if you or a loved one is in the hospital. There are two reasons for this wonderful ministry at St. Paul UMC.  One is that we believe very strongly in the ministry of all believers.  This simply means that each and every Christian is called to be a minister.  It is the church’s job to provide each Christian with an opportunity to use his or her gifts in the ministry of the body of Christ.  Thus, the Care Team members have determined that their gifts lie in caring for other people and so they are able to utilize these gifts in service to God and others.  The second reason is that people need to know that God is still with them, especially in the midst of a crisis.  Thus, the Care Team accomplishes this goal in a way that no other could using the Biblical concept of “span of care” (Exodus 18).  They do not replace our pastor, but instead work alongside the pastor to assure people that they are cared for both by God and the Church.

Congregational Care Team Visit Report
After a visit, members of the care team are asked to complete a report so that ministry is better coordinated.