Rice Depot Worker
Assist in the labeling of canned foods and sorting of packaged food in preparation for distribution by Rice Depot to those in need. Workdays at Rice Depot are currently scheduled twice a month.

Vegetable Market Grower/Provider
Harvest provide, vegetables and other goods that will be used in the market activities at St. Paul UMC during the summer months. Proceeds benefit the mission work of the church.

Green Team: Environmental Stewardship
Help St. Paul UMC as individuals and as an institution live in a environmentally sustainable way.  Assist in teaching ways to be environmentally mindful as part of an understanding of tending to God’s Creation

Blood Donor
Donate blood during the church blood drives, which typically occur twice a year.  Volunteers are also needed to help organize, set-up tables, and clean-up

Brother Paul’s Soup Kitchen Meal Server
Assist with serving meals to individuals in need through in cooperation with the ministry service efforts of Brother Paul’s Ministry located in North Little Rock. Times of service are coordinated by a Ministry Leader and are scheduled in conjunction with the members’ availability

Missionary Support
The Missions Team at St. Paul would like to introduce the St. Paul family to Evelyn Banks-Shackelford,a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church.

Evelyn serves five churches in the Arkansas Delta communities. In addition to serving as a Church and Community Worker with the Marianna Larger Parish, she oversees an emerging ministry that is feeding the hungry in the parish communities, operating an area food bank disbursing food to the local food pantries and churches. She also sits on the local school advisory board, working with the schools to supply children with backpacks of food on the weekends. She also coordinates conference United Methodist Volunteer-In-Mission work teams coming to the Marianna Parish. “These ministries give people an opportunity to volunteer and give something back to the communities they live in and near.” Again, quoting Evelyn, she says of her ministry, “My work reflects God’s mission in the world as it relates to empowering people to help themselves, to enable them to meet their daily basic needs.”

The Delta is familiar to Ms. Banks having been raised on a family farm by her grandparents. Her role since beginning in 1987 has changed over the years, evolving based on the economic and justice issues that have been identified by the parish, district and the conference.

Evelyn and her husband Leroy are parents of three sons. She will join us at St. Paul at the kick-off of our Summer Vacation Bible School in July to visit with us, share with us what she and her volunteersat the Center in Marianna accomplish daily and why it is so important to that area of our State. Having visited with her, I am proud to say that she and the Delta Dream Ministries participants are looking forward to our support. Linda Joyce,  Mission Ministries Coach

City Beautiful ~ Kingsrow Clean-up
St. Paul UMC in partnership with the City of Little Rock has the responsibility to pick-up litter from Kingsrow. A sign has been placed on Kingsrow acknowledging our participation.  Six times a year a crew of 4-8 people will provide this ministry.  You may participate as often as you are able , once or all six.

Participate in Ingathering
The year 2012 marked the 35th year Arkansas United Methodists shared God’s bounty with others through Ingathering collections.Congregations as well as individuals have the opportunity to being a blessing to those in need by providing a variety of kits such as: health, school, sewing, flood buckets, children’s disaster, layette, bedding, blankets, and birthing.Another option is to merely send to the Conference Treasurer a check to be used to purchase items in bulk.Some of the items will go to Arkansas families; other products will be taken to Sager Brown Depot, the United Methodist Committee on Relief distribution center in Baldwin, La. From there, they will make their way to people across the world affected by disaster or need.

Alternative Christmas Market Worker
Assist with the planning, promoting, and implementing the Alternative Christmas Market of St. Paul UMC which is open to the public in late November and provides the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts while supporting charitable organizations.

Scouting Worker
Assist in the scouting programs sponsored by St. Paul UMC through leadership involvement and/or participation in regular activities or special events.

Bake Sales Provider
Bake, provide, or purchase baked goods that will be used in the quarterly sales activities at St. Paul UMC. Proceeds benefit the mission work of the church.

Collecting Gifts and Supplies

Clothes Closet Provider
Assist with the maintenance, collection, distribution, and organization of clothes donated by church members to be used to help specific crisis situations.

St. Nick at St. Paul UMC Collection
Assist in the planning, organizing, and implementing a variety of methods to raise funds which will be used to provide Christmas gifts for families unable to do so independently.

UMCOR responds to natural or civil disasters that are of such magnitude that they overwhelm a community’s ability to recover on its own. UMCOR partners with local organizations and survivors to rebuild their livelihoods, health, and homes. UMCOR workers are known all over the world for their compassion, leadership, expertise and guidance in recovery efforts .Private donors can designate their gifts to our programs with the assurance that 100% will be spent on the programs.

Sort and Deliver Collections
Help package and/or transport relief supplies and gifts from the Clothes Closet, UMCOR collections, Rice Depot food gifts, etc.

Church and Parsonage Maintenance
Assist with the maintenance of the church property.

Kitchen Cleaning
Assist with cleaning and organizing the church kitchen on a quarterly basis. A group of members coordinate these efforts.

Church Landscaping
Assist with the maintenance of the landscaping surrounding the church property, which may include trimming shrubs, raking leaves, or cleaning up debris.

Church Van Driver
Drive the van for Sunday morning worship service and special services in order to provide transportation for members requesting this service. Drivers serve for one week at a time at various times throughout the year.

My “Special” Skills
If you have a special skill whether it is a nature gift or learned skill in all likelihood there has been a need for that talent more than once in the life of St. Paul. Examples could include: carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, sewing, accounting, and gardening. Please make that information available to the church office by filling out the blank provided on the last page of your ministry menu under Helping Hands and Warm Hearts.

Doorstep Visitor (Visitor Follow-Up)
Welcome first time visitors to St. Paul UMC by delivering a prepared cookie mix gift on the Sunday afternoon following the worship service which the visitor most recently attended.

Cookie Mix Gift Preparer
Assemble provided cookie mix ingredients for delivery and ensure the church maintains an adequate supply of the cookie mix available. A group of members coordinate this ministry.

Marketing, Advertising and Communication
Assist in developing, designing and distributing various items of communication for church activities and programs.

Meals or Receptions Following Funerals
Assist in preparing or providing and serving a meal or refreshments, at the church, following a funeral or memorial service. Additional responsibilities include setting up for the event and cleaning up after the event is completed. Activities of this group will be coordinated by a Ministry Leader.

Bake Sales Provider
Bake, provide, or purchase baked goods that will be used in the quarterly sales activities at St. Paul. Proceeds benefit the mission work of the church.

Church Life Events
Assist in preparing food, publicizing the event, decorating the facilities, setting up prior to the event, and/or cleaning up after the Church life events, such as: Halloween Carnival, Palm Sunday Egg Hunt, Mother’s Day Brunch, Father’s Day Brunch, BINGO/Ice Cream Social, Christmas Dinner, Church Picnic, Lenten and Advent Fair.

Cookies for Special Events
Bake cookies for special events and activities at St. Paul UMC. Activities of this group will be coordinated by a Ministry Leader.

Meals to Families with Newborns
Provide and deliver a meal to families with a newborn who have returned home after being discharged from the hospital.

Sunday Coffee and Fellowship Hospitality
Make coffee, set up table, and cooperate with other ministry groups in providing refreshments and an opportunity for fellowship prior to the Sunday School and 10:45am Worship Service on Sunday mornings.

Office Angel
Volunteer to work in the church office by answering the telephone, taking messages, greeting office visitors, and assisting with daily office activities.

Telephone Communication Tree Member
Assist in providing critical information regarding specific needs of the members of St. Paul, family members, or loved ones by means of telephone.