Sunday School

Sunday School is a connection with people who are searching for meaningful relationships, an environment for spiritual renewal, and the opportunity to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Come join us as we travel the journey of faith together.  Listed below are descriptions of the adult, young adult, youth, and children Sunday School classes.  Unless otherwise noted, Sunday School classes begin at 10:45am.

Inquirers Class
The Inquirers Sunday School class is an open-minded class with an inquiring nature.  The class format consist of short term discussions incorporating a broad range of current issues which are always related to our Christian faith.  Lessons are led by class members on a rotation basis.  The class is open to all ages and visitors are always welcome.  The Inquirers’ class meets on the first floor in the main building.  For additional information on the Inquirers’ class, please contact Ruthie Hiett at 501-224-1041.

Cheyne Discussion Class
The Cheyne Sunday School class was founded in the early 1980’s by a former St. Paul Minister and a few church members.  The format of the class meetings is informal, the discussions are lively, and the topics are varied.  The topics of discussion range from current to historical events and moral issues, and their consequences on life today on both personal and national levels.  Members of the class are of varying ages, singles and married.  Weekly leadership is voluntary among the class members.  The Cheyne class is welcoming and open to visitors and meets in the Chapel/Conference Room on the first floor of the main building. For additional information on the Cheyne Discussion class class, please contact Tyna Moore at 501-225-8460.

Sojourners Class
The Sojourners Sunday School class discussion is based on religious and social topics utilizing an eclectic selection of study materials.  The class places emphasis on service and support through mission ministry projects, such as the Alternative Christmas Market and other active mission efforts.   Leadership within the class rotates among the members.  The Sojourners class is a mixture of ages and marital statuses and meets on the second floor in the main building.  For additional information on the Sojourners’ class, please contact Dee Sadler 501-868-5457.

United Class
This United Sunday School class focuses on Bible study, utilizing the Adult Bible Studies series.  The class also participates regularly in mission efforts. The class is taught on a rotation basis among four class members.  Although the class is comprised on many long-term members, new members and visitors are always welcome.    The United class meets on the first floor of the main building.  For additional information on the United class, please contact Carolyn Lancaster at 501-666-2291.

Genesis Class
The Genesis Sunday School class incorporates the works of contemporary Christian authors to invoke discussion and life application.  The focus of the class is on improving Biblical understanding and fostering spiritual growth.  Teachers for the class are on a rotation basis among the class members.   Members of the class are generally couples and singles from varied age groups.  The Genesis class meets in the parlor on the first floor of the main building.  For additional information on the Genesis class, please contact Sarah Short at 501-227-5920. 

Neill Hart Class
The Neill Hart Sunday School class participates in a discussion format, utilizing various Christian resources including Journey Through the Bible, seasonal studies for Advent and Lent, and other contemporary Christian study material. The class welcomes all ages to participate in their discussion which is led by various members. The Neill Hart class meets in the Archives Room. For additional information on the Neill Hart class, please contact Cathy Drilling at 501-228-7696.

Pathway Class
The Pathway Sunday School class is for singles and couples.  The format of the class allows for exploration of issues relevant to the lives of class members.  The curriculum of the class typically consists of video presentation by a contemporary Christian leader and is followed by class discussion.  The ages of the members range from 25 to 35, but everyone is welcome.  The Pathway class meets on the second floor of the main building. Rusty and Amanda Short are the class leaders.  For additional information on the Pathway class, please contact Amanda Short at 501-228-1036.

Christian Conversation
The format of the class will be discussion focused on current events and how we relate as Christians.  Most of the class are parents of school age children and all are welcome.  The class meets in the atrium.

The Journey Class (formerly known as The Young Adult Class)
The Journey class is a casual class that discusses a range of topics which impact today’s young people.  Various members rotate teaching.  Besides Sunday mornings, the group also enjoys fellowship events such as concerts, movies, bowling and dinners out.  The class is compromised of both singles and married couples.  The Journey class meets on the second floor of the main building. Visitors are always welcome.

Youth Class
The Youth Sunday School class uses a discussion format which includes current events impacting youth, while correlating Reverend Collin’s sermon series when applicable.  Prior to the beginning of each class, while donuts and snacks from the Hospitality Table are enjoyed, the youth share experiences and activities from the previous week.  The goal of the class is assist youth in learning how God helps with daily struggles and how God loves us just as we are.  Sixth through twelfth graders are welcome to the Youth Sunday school class, which meets in the classrooms down the hallway from the kitchen.

Children’s Class
St.  Paul is committed to helping children experience church as a place to belong.  Children’s Sunday School classes include infants through 5th grade.  Rotation Sunday School is an exciting and dramatic way of presenting the Bible to children as they participate in the stories, using their imagination, creativity, and energy to bring these lessons to life.  Rotation Sunday School allows adults to maximize their teaching talents.  The five areas used to integrate the teaching include storytelling; arts and crafts; music, movement, and games; television news reporting and puppetry/drama; and a media area.

Short-Term Bible Studies
Participate in a short-term study for adults normally lasting from four to six weeks and includes the study of a specific book of the Bible.  Resources for leaders are available in the church office. These groups meet either weekly or at the group’s discretion.  This ministry is coordinated with the Director of Discipleship Ministries.